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A-liveness - Death as the source of life Beginning session

What can endings teach us about the potential of death and life? 

How could this wisdom help us to become more alive in everything that we do? 

What can the experience with our mortality teach us about endings and beginnings, about death and life? 

How can we prepare for these moments? 

By embracing and welcoming death as a teacher – and not as a source of fear – the current pandemic situation offers new ways for a cathartic change and new beginnings. Before searching for solutions or the best way out of the current situation it is most important to understand how we relate to death and the current (pandemic) system. Usually, we never look at endings and death unless we are confronted with these situations and then we deal with them with high levels of stress. And stress isn’t a good advisor when it comes to perceiving alternative possibilities and finding new solutions. In this situation, in particular, we want to strengthen our resilience and growth through an online and interactive offer. 

During the workshop participants will find new ways to actively and consciously deal with mortality during the often-challenging quarantine situation. Instead of experiencing themselves as a “victim of the circumstances”, the course offers a process rooted in the five movements of theory U where the participants actively learn and experience to innovate a new system from the future. Besides the movements and methods of Theory U like Social Presencing Theatre, the participants will experience a variety of other methods like Yoga Nidra, Sleep and Dream Yoga of the Bön Tradition, 6 conversations, the emotional intelligence model, methods of Creative Arts Theory, the yogic path of raising consciousness, etc. 

This should not only help to connect and grow within the stressful time during the pandemic and to meet future challenges with more serenity but also to integrate death as a teacher for a joyful life. 

New Dates: as soon as regulations allow us, we will also offer a new on-site workshop

Cost: 55,00 Euro (reserve till 05.02.2022), after 75,00 Euro, 

If you find yourself currently in a difficult financial situation, please contact us directly.

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About the facilitators

Sandra Euringer, M.A. (Sociology), is a creative arts therapist (drama and theater therapy), an advanced Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher (RYS500 + 200ATP) and works as a coach and trainer. While living 14 years overseas, mainly in Australia, India, and Japan, she developed a cross-cultural conscious dying approach by integrating traditional wisdom teachings of the 196 Patanjali Yoga Sutras and death preparations like the Tibetan Bön Tradition. Additionally, methods of Theory U (Otto Scharmer, MIT) that are usually used to find solutions and new possibilities to deal with enormous challenges by utilizing the wisdom of our social body are embedded in the approach. Her method aims to develop a conscious and responsible way of dealing with pain and fears as well as the experience of connectedness and empathy. The preparation for voluntarily stopping eating and drinking at the end of one’s life is also part of her work. She currently lives in Seeheim-Jugenheim. 

Débora Barrientos, MA (Emotional Intelligence) Débora currently is a systemic organizational and social consultant and facilitator. She has a large experience supporting the process of achieving organizational and social transformation. The essence of her practice is to generate higher levels of individual and collective consciousness and empower people to realize their full potential. She draws on the techniques Theory U, Social Presencing Theater, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and many others. She is also a Vipassana Practitioner. She was always moved and interested in endings and death and part of her work is related to bring awareness to the endings in day-to-day life.